Swanson Water Pills 120 Tablets - For Water Retention, Bloating, Diuretic, Weight Loss

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What are Swanson Diet Water Pills?

Swanson Diet Water Pills are, by another name, a type of diuretic. They help the body to cleanse itself of excess water and sodium in a completely natural way. Think of it as a flushing cleanse.

Because around two thirds of our bodies are constituted of water it’s easy for them to end up with too much. You might think that having too much water can only be a good thing but the truth is that, like anything really, too much is a bad thing. When our body carries too much water we can be left feeling bloated, uncomfortable and even ungainly and overweight.

Swanson Diet Water Pills are a completely natural alternative to modern chemical compounds which are used for more frequently to diet and, in some cases, treat hypertension. So what are these helpful natural solution hidden inside Swanson Diet Water Pills?

50 mg Buchu Leaf
50 mg Uva Ursi
50 mg Parsley
10 mg Juniper
These all natural elements, when taken as part of a healthy diet with regular exercise, can not only filter excess water out of the body but also reduce salt concentration in the blood and maintain serum homeostasis.


What are Swanson Diet Water Pills used for?

Bloatedness can be caused by a range of things. You may have a diet high in cruciferous vegetables. Broccoli and cabbage when consumed in large amounts can easily fill our bodies with unwanted gases. Chances are though, you are retaining too much water.

For some people, bloatedness is not just a temporary state, it becomes a daily issue. At its most minor, it can be uncomfortable but did you know that at its worst, bloatedness can be a symptom of a greater problem? Because of their ability to remove sodium from the blood, diuretics have long been used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure) but recently they have fallen out of use and have found themselves playing second fiddle to more expensive medicinal solutions.

In 1982 the use of diuretics prescribed to treat hypertension was at around 56%, ten years on and it had dropped to just 27%. Why has this happened? The answer according to most is hard to pin down but what is of great interest is that recently, the largest ever trial and study into the use of diuretics (like Swanson Diet Water Pills) as a treatment for hypertension, has shown that they should still be the ‘preferred choice’ of medication.

Treats bloatedness and abnormal water retention
100% Natural dieting aid
May help treat hypertension & congestive heart failure
Eases symptoms of edema

What is the recommended dosage of Swanson Diet Water Pills?

As a dietary supplement

Take one tablet with water after each meal.

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